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World IA Day Cincinnati 2020 is a one-day conference celebrating information architecture. Join this gathering of the tri-state's product, IA, UX, and design community participating in this worldwide event!

Our fantastic lineup of speakers, include:

  • Cristine Cravens: User Research Manager, Kroger Digital
  • Hannah Fischer: Sr. UX Designer, 84.51° 
  • Anya (Anna) Gerasimchuk: Director User Experience, GE Aviation
  • Rich Gustke: Lead UX Designer, 84.51°
  • Scott Hisey: Senior Staff UX Architect, GE Aviation
  • Simcha Kackley: Founder, Swivel
  • Marc Macaluso: Chief Marketing Officer, NKY Speech & Language Services
  • Ryan Merrill: Lead UX Designer, 84.51°
  • Kate Mock: Sr. UX Designer, 84.51°
  • Essa Naser: Founder, GrowthMob
  • Jenna Reardon: Co-Founder, Ilumino
  • Tom Studer: Sr. UX Designer, Kroger Digital
  • Troy Woolery: UX Lead, P+G Innovations


Email us, if you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring the event!

Venue, parking and transit

World IA Day will be located at the 84.51° offices, located at:

100 W 5th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Paid parking is available in the building garage.



Registration + Breakfast: Sponsored by Ascendum

Breakfast Sponsored by Ascendum

9:15 - 9:30

Welcome Remarks

9:30 - 3:45

Presentations + Lunch

(Precise schedule TBD)

An Industrial B2B User Buying Journey Case Study

Marc Macaluso: Chief Marketing Officer, NKY Speech & Language Services

This is a case study about the use of UX and UI in a B2B industrial setting; seeking a path to the development of organic growth. Starting with an analysis of lead generated through the website, this is about a journey taken by the CX Team to craft a viable approach that is forged out of the Business purpose vetted by the research of the Customer. The end result is a thoughtfully developed CX hypothesis put into action to address the requirements of the Business.

Aviation Industry - Ecosystem and Data Story

Anya (Anna) Gerasimchuk: Director User Experience, GE Aviation

The Aviation Industry is a complex ecosystem that is vital for the world to stay connected for the sake of industrial growth, business development, cultural exchange and personal enjoyment. Aviation issues are multi-dimensional  and dependent on the efficient operations of many sub-systems, data exchanges and processes of automation.

Many have been in the situation of flight misconnections; being inconvenienced by delays and in turn missing a business meeting or a family gathering.  Who hasn’t ordered a package on Amazon, and had not received it on time due to a Cargo delivery disruption by an Airline? There are many reasons, including unexpected equipment failures, tired crew, maintenance delays, weather changes, political uprisings, and more. 

I’d like to present a depiction of how we analyze the Aviation Industry Ecosystem to understand the smaller sub-ecosystems and their existing weak points. We will examines user workflows, pain points, data and information flows, and analyze potential benefits for commercial and cargo airlines.  This will include hands-on examples of  Data Analysis, Information Architecture, User Experience and Work Flows.

Digital Accessibility: Why It's Important, Your Responsibility & How to Get There

Jenna Reardon: Co-Founder,  Ilumino         

Accessibility Subject Matter Expert Jenna Reardon will light the path to digital accessibility compliance under Section 508, WCAG, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This educational discussion will cover: the benefits increasing inclusivity, what your actual responsibility is, a look at the legal landscape and how to help reduce risk, a high-level overview of the guidelines, best practices, and solutions you can embrace now. Attendees will leave equipped with tools and real-life examples for taking the next step of their accessibility journey.

Gaining Inspiration From Our Customers

Cristine Cravens + Tom Studer: Kroger Digital + Technology

Learn how the (Product Experience/ Customer Experience) team at Kroger Technology & Digital applied our “Five User Research Principles” to uncover ideas on how we could better serve our customers. 

Through presenting a recent case study, we will demonstrate how we determined the right research methodology getting to the heart of the customer and associated business challenges. 

We will inform how Kroger leverages our emerging Research Ops practice by executing on the research and data provided by our partners (i.e. 84.51º) as well as our web and native analytics teams. 

Through interactive activities in research with our customers, we show in this study how we were successful in engaging the customers and were able to guide their thinking toward uncovering richer insights about their personal habits, perspectives, wants and needs.

And throughout our customer understanding process, we will discuss how we collaborate with a cross-functional team to build partnerships, and inspire follow-up customer-centric ideation sessions that lead to clear opportunities for our team to begin their discovery work and highlight key areas for additional customer research.

How to simplify the design process and influence change

Hannah Fischer + Kate Mock: Sr. Experience Designers, 84.51°

Get a glimpse into how the experience design team at 84.51° tackles nebulous problems with a collaborative spirit and a user-centric mindset.

We will share our toolbox of skills that we use to take fragmented user feedback and turn it into actionable insights. You will get a glimpse into what has worked for us and walk away with a few new skills to help you bring value to your team and feel confident in any role at any experience level. 

84.51° helps CPGs reach and understand Kroger households with a suite of proprietary tools and technology, delivering unparalleled data science, marketing, and predictive analytics to transform customer data into actionable knowledge.

Measuring Business Success using Human Behaviors

Essa Naser: Founder, GrowthMob

Essa will kick-start your thinking about how to put the customer experience first, and whether or not you are helping or hurting your bottom line. We will look not only at how the best technologies are designed to nurture and grow advocates of your brand, but how to measure it through the truest source of data, human behaviors. We will dissect the most common sources of failure and frustration of any team and how best to diagnose it. By the end of our session, you will have gained new insights into how effective your business is performing from your customers' perspective and will have the tools you need to take your teams and business to brand new heights.

Next Steps with Design Systems: What Comes After You Get Buy-in

Ryan Merrill: UX Lead, 84.51° + Rich Gustke: UX Lead, 84.51°

Design systems are so 2019. By now you are sold on the increased productivity and shared design style benefits that come from a design system and you have successfully sold one into upper management, but now what? In this talk we’ll walk you through some of the details that come after your design system has been given the green light by your organization, such as:

  • Managing the communication across teams
  • Choosing the right tech stack
  • How to implement your system into your company’s products
  • Design system team models
  • How collaboration between a design system team and others works and doesn’t work

Not All Users Are Created Equal

Simcha Kackley: Founder + Chief Strategist, Swivel

Great user experience for the wrong buyers = FAIL.

Great user experience means a website or app is easy and pleasing to use.  That's important.  Let's also consider the buyer experience.  That elevates the conversation to one that involves understanding buyers' needs (by segment) and how we can help them along their journey... THEN applying user experience best practices to reach success. 


  1. The differences between user experience (UX) and buyer experience (BX)
  2. Examples of websites with great UX and great BX
  3. How buyer journey and key insights impact your buyer experience
  4. How to inform your flow and calls to actions and how to determine what's most important to turn a user into a buyer
  5. How segmentation and MarTech play a critical role in personalization and activation
  6. Defining metrics for success

Simplifying the Complex

Scott Hisey: Senior Staff UX Architect, GE Aviation

Modern manufacturing is undergoing a digital transformation. Competitive advantage is often dependent upon the ability to access and act on real time business data. The concept of 'The Digital Twin' presents many challenges in how weinteract with complex systems, their sub-systems and the underlying piece parts.

4:00 - Onward!

Happy Hour Sponsored by Fusion Alliance

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