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Designing curiosity

Curiosity and information architecture: Views from around the world

In partnership with 24 Hours of UX, World IA Day is joining the full day event for the first time with an international conversation on curiosity and information architecture.

Earlier this year, local organizers from all over hosted the World Information Architecture Day event, covering 40+ locations and around 15 languages. The theme “curiosity” generated much interest. A panel of information architects from different countries will talk about why curiosity plays an important role in their work and will share local peculiarities.

Guests for this conversation

👉 Luis Alveart, moderator (Columbia)
👉 Ghada Kandil (Egypt)
👉 Hertje Brodersen (Germany)
👉 Andrew Jung (Canada)
👉 Souvik Das Gupta (India)
👉 Jason Roa (The Philippines)


More about 24 Hours of UX: 24 Hours of UX is exactly what it says on the label: 24 hours of uninterrupted live online UX content. And it is brought to you by 20+ grassroots UX groups from all over the world. Join us as we travel the globe to explore topics under the themes 'local peculiarities', 'non-stop learning', 'community', 'design management & operations', and 'business & design'. Beyond keynotes and presentations, you can also participate in workshops, learn from others, meet new people, and chat with old friends. Grab a coffee or your choice of stay-awake drink, and hold on to your seats! All about 24 Hours of UX

World IA Day will be back on March 5, 2022

Details on how to sign up to host an event or receive World IA Day updates coming first week of June.

Call for Locations

This link will send you to our GitHub page where you can find FAQs and the application to apply as a local event host.

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