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WIAA News and Updates

Seeking Global Executive Producer for World Information Architecture Day 2025

WIAA is seeking a passionate global executive producer to oversee the production of World Information Architecture Day (WIAD). This is an exciting opportunity for a volunteer to make a significant impact on the global information architecture (IA) community.

April 26, 2024
2023 State of Information Architecture Report

It’s been two years since the last State of IA Survey was conducted, back in 2021. It was by this time when the world had shut down and all in person activities had converted into online meeting sessions

March 2, 2024
World Information Architecture Association Seeking Co-President

The World Information Architecture Association (WIAA) is seeking a passionate and visionary co-president to join our leadership team. This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced professional to make a significant impact on the global information architecture (IA) community.

February 28, 2024
Thank you Andrea for four-years co-presidency! Now, what’s next?

Andrea Rosenbusch has decided to step down from her role as co-president of World IA Association (WIAA). In this interview, Andrea reflects on her time as co-head of WIAA and her future plans with the association. Also read about what her colleagues say.

February 15, 2024
Project Proposal for a New World Information Architecture Website

WIAA needs to redesign its website. Continue reading to learn more about the reasons for the redesign and the proposed procedure. The following proposal is based on a structure developed at Amazon called a “6-pager”. We’ll share why and how we are using this Amazon “6-pager” in a later post.

February 14, 2024
World Information Architecture Day 2024 on CONTEXT

World IA Day (WIAD) takes place every year on one day in locations around the world. Every year has a dedicated subject or theme, like CuriosityConnections or Orientation and Wayfinding. This year, we want to look at Information Architecture (IA) through the lens of Context.

July 10, 2023
Introducing… the new World Information Architecture Association

World IA Day is growing up. We started as a grassroots organization, organizing events once a year, bringing people together to talk about the order and structure of things. Now it’s time to build the steps to move the discipline forward.

December 8, 2021