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The source of Truth is… Context

Presented by:

Turo Lopez Sanabria

In our world of product creators, there's always a big debate about where designers and developers should get their info from. Some say it's all about the technical specs, others reckon it's the code itself, and then some swear by the design files. But after working for years very close to design and development teams, leading the operations between them I've come to look at things a bit differently. Instead of arguing about which one is right, I think about it in terms of the situation. In this talk, I want to unpack this whole debate and show how understanding the different stages of making a product can help everybody find a better way to work together. Whether it's coming up with ideas, making things look good, or keeping everything running smoothly, I'll explore how thinking about The Context can help us find a middle ground. If you're keen to shake things up a bit and find a more chilled-out way to collaborate, come along and join the conversation next March 2nd.