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Insane Lessons: Embracing the difference designing for disease

Presented by:

Josh Morales

Albeit accessibility is the main challenge in which we put more effort to turn our digital environments into a rather inclusive place, designing for difference is always a struggle, an effort to put ourselves in the others' shoes that apparently surpasses our capabilities. As Josh Morales views it, it is only by forcing we, designers, to be in the world as everlasting strangers, that we can grasp others' realities. The extreme scenario to illustrate this statement is designing for people suffering the bad health consequences.

In this talk, Josh will present a couple of real projects use cases where disease is the common thread. The aim is to shed light on the way designing meaningful alternatives is the most powerful strategy to change an undesired current state and therefore, raise awareness about the importance of embracing the small differences of our complex world to make a huge impact when designing for human diversity.


February 2019


20 minutes