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Information Processing and Aging: Developmental consideraton for information architecture design

Presented by:

Alaina Phillips, PhD

Content Overview:

1. Definition of developmental psychology and applied cognition- discuss diversity of developmental stages in cognitive and information processes.

2. Outline developmental classifications. Highlight 6 broad developmental groups:

  • Toddler/Preschool (1- 6 years)
  • School Age (7-12 years)
  • Adolescents (13/14- 18/19)
  • Young Adults (20-40)
  • Middle Adults (40-65)
  • Older Adults (65+)

3. Discuss the following cognitive and developmental changes for each developmental classification:

  • Changes in perceptual processing
  • Changes in attention and working memory
  • Changes in language, concepts and reading
  • Changes in reasoning and decision making capabilities
  • Changes in emotion and social cognition

4. Discuss how each developmental classification and subsequent cognitive change relates to core information architecture principles and design considerations. How these considerations can guide design of:

  • IA anatomy
  • Organization of content
  • Labeling and Semantics
  • Navigation
  • Other behaviors like searching

* For each segment discussing and using examples throughout – this is how to design information for this group vs. this group and so forth.


February 2019
in Kent


45 minutes