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Converging Roles and Disciplines: UX/IA/SEO/Content Strategy

Presented by:

Jennifer McCutchen, Lizzy Bentley, Elaine Chu, Amy Haupl, Jackie Joyce, Carol Rossi

In today’s world, organizations are required to rethink how to architect and manage information to maintain a competitive and organizational edge. Many are embracing strategies that are more flexible, moving away from isolated systems and departmental silos. These organizations recognize the need for information to be structured so that it is clear, usable, findable and understandable.

As information architects, taxonomists, content strategists, UX designers, what are your perspectives on how you approach information strategy and structure? How does your work align with the work by SEO and BAs?

The aim is to identify how closely aligned these various practices are and how their applications of information strategy and structure may provide real benefit for the theory and professional practice of user experience design and eventually, the quality of everyday life and work.


February 2017


55 minutes



Session time

2:15 PM - 3:10 PM