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Always Designing: From Designer To Design Leader

Presented by:

Andy Vitale

As organizations become more customer-centric, it's time for designers to grow. Those who have demonstrated value are ready to become leaders and drive change within their organizations. But does leadership mean you have to stop designing? Absolutely not. As a leader, you'll apply your skills and processes towards solving a new variety of problems, with amplified complexity. These challenges require insight into the organization and how it operates, so you can bring everyone together and solve user needs while also meeting business objectives.

In this presentation, Andy examines the varying landscapes and challenges of being a design leader. You'll learn how to lead no matter where you are in your career as well as explore practical takeaways for maturing the design function within your organization and understanding your role in making it happen.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Identify and understand different type of leaders and their traits
  • Learn how to lead based on experience level and personal growth objectives
  • Develop empathy for your boss and other leaders in your organization
  • Understand how the complexity of design problems increases as you continue to advance in your leadership path
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February 2019
in Kent


45 minutes