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Designing Curiosity

On February 27, 2021
World IA Day will be talking about Curiosity

How are you curious? What does curiosity mean to you? What does curiosity have to do with information architecture?

Cu·ri·os·i·ty: the pleasure of asking, exploring, experimenting, discovering, learning, and understanding

Curiosity means to be prepared to go on a journey of which you do not know the outcome. To challenge what you – and others – think you have known so far. To change perspective and perceive other points of view.

Being curious gives us the opportunity to reach out beyond what we have been aware of so far, to create new connections and relationships, with other people, from other backgrounds, disciplines, or parts of the world. 

As information architects, we develop strategies to understand what we are trying to structure. By giving information structure, we learn to understand. We do this to encourage others to explore and understand. By being curious, we recognize our own and others’ discovery strategies.

This year gives us the chance to find out how others are dealing with the restrictions we are facing due to the pandemic, to reimagine World IA Day and information architecture, and to find new ways to be curious.

How are you curious?

Join one of the 50 local WIAD21 events

This year, most WIAD events are meeting virtually. You'll be able to join any one of the 50 local events from Japan to Saudi Arabia, Egypt to Italy, Denmark to Canada, United States to Brazil.

You can hear about information architecture being spoken in English, Arabic, Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Japanese, Russian, and more. It's the start of being a more accessible World IA Day.

Register for a local event

Check events for details on speakers, date and time. Each WIAD event is independently organized by local organizers passionate about sharing their understanding of information architecture.

Join the global live chat with global keynote speaker, Cassini Nazir

In a live conversational interview, global keynote speaker Cassini Nazir, along with Andrea Rosenbusch, Sam Ashlee, and Luis Alevart, discuss what curiosity is and what it means to be designing curiosity. These live Q&A chats will be in English. If you have questions in another language, we will try to have it translated for the wider audience if you submit your question.

Cassini Nazir

Cassini Nazir is a designer of conversations, curricula, and interfaces. Cassini lives and teaches in Dallas, Texas, United States. He is a Program Director and Clinical Associate Professor in New College at the University of North Texas where he teaches classes in design thinking and interaction design.

Register to join Feb 27, 2021 for any one of 3 sessions: 3:00 pm GMT, 5:00 pm UTC -5, or 10:00 pm UTC -8

Register for free

Attend for free. You will be asked to register and confirm your email address. If you encounter any issues, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I watch the World IA Day Global Keynote?

The global keynote is a pre-recorded talk that lasts about 30 minutes. Right afterwards, the keynote speaker will be available for live question and answer sessions. You don't have to join a local event to watch the keynote.

The global board and many volunteers are working to get the keynote transcribed and translated in at least 6 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Volunteers are proofreading, segmenting, and checking for cultural accuracy and usage as best as we can.

The keynote will be available on-demand (Look under Videos) so that you can watch it whenever you want. It will also be streamed in the 30-minutes before the live chat sessions. Reminders to join the watch party will be sent via email 15 mins before each session starts.

When are the live Q&A sessions taking place?

There will be three (3) live sessions with the keynote speaker throughout Feb 27-28, starting from Saturday, 27 Feb 3:00 pm GMT until Sunday, 28 Feb 2021 3:00 am GMT.

Can I join more than one local WIAD event?

You are limited by your time, internet connection, and interest. You're welcome to join any of the local WIAD21 events.

How will I access the virtual conference?

We are partnering with, the The registration form will ask for your email address. You will be asked to confirm your email address. Throughout the day, we will send reminders for when a live-stream of the talk and Question & Answer session will be happening.

  • Do I need any special technology to access the virtual event?
    You’ll be able to access the event livestream by logging onto the event hub. You will also be able to participate in discussions and live Q&A with the speakers and other attendees.
  • Will I be able to ask speakers questions?

    Yes; we’ll do our best to make sure your questions are addressed by Cassini—either live during the event via the session channel, or afterwards in writing. If you ask your question in a language besides English, we'll try to translate and have the answer in writing.

    Are there other activities, like mixers, planned?

    If you join a local event, you may have many opportunities to participate in breakout sessions and other virtual activities. For the global keynote sessions, nothing else is planned. However, asynchronous activities are always happening on the World IA Day Discord server (instructions to join)