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Designing Curiosity

On February 27, 2021
World IA Day talked about Curiosity

How are you curious? What does curiosity mean to you? What does curiosity have to do with information architecture?

Cu·ri·os·i·ty: the pleasure of asking, exploring, experimenting, discovering, learning, and understanding

Curiosity means to be prepared to go on a journey of which you do not know the outcome. To challenge what you – and others – think you have known so far. To change perspective and perceive other points of view.

Being curious gives us the opportunity to reach out beyond what we have been aware of so far, to create new connections and relationships, with other people, from other backgrounds, disciplines, or parts of the world. 

As information architects, we develop strategies to understand what we are trying to structure. By giving information structure, we learn to understand. We do this to encourage others to explore and understand. By being curious, we recognize our own and others’ discovery strategies.

This year gives us the chance to find out how others are dealing with the restrictions we are facing due to the pandemic, to reimagine World IA Day and information architecture, and to find new ways to be curious.

How are you curious?

Designing Curiosity: Ways of Unknowing, by Cassini Nazir

This video will give you a first orientation to the strange, fascinating and fragile phenomenon of being curious. We will explore what curiosity is, ways we can be more curious, and, if possible, how we might invite others to be curious.

Cassini Nazir

Cassini Nazir is a designer of conversations, curricula, and interfaces. Cassini lives and teaches in Dallas, Texas, United States. He is a Program Director and Clinical Associate Professor in New College at the University of North Texas where he teaches classes in design thinking and interaction design.