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We are planning our celebration! If you would like to volunteer or sponsor, please get in touch.

If you would like to attend our celebration, please bookmark this page and check back soon. We will be updating our content in the upcoming months. We look forward to seeing you!

Event date
Sat, 11 February 2012

Venue, parking and transit


1. Keynote: Common understanding through design, Takashi Sakamoto, Netyear Group Corporation
2. Session 1: User Experience and User Experience Design, Speaker TBD
3. Session 2: Learn from behavioral economics, Speaker TBD
4. Session 3: Storytelling and user’s understanding, Toshi Maeda, UX Tokyo
5. Panel discussion 1
6. Session 4: User’s understanding and UI design, Speaker TBD
7. Panel discussion 2

Reception: 18:00-20:00

Speakers and presenters