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Philadelphia 2021

Pennsylvania United States


North America

Join us for the Philadelphia edition of global World Information Architecture (IA) Day!

World IA Day is an annual celebration that inspires the global growth of Information Architecture as a community of practice. Hosted by the Information Architecture Institute since 2012, WIAD events are held in dozens of locations across the globe.

Our event brings together a diverse group of local speakers who will share their ideas and work with the common goal of practicing, learning, teaching, and shaping the future of IA and UX.

A link to the Zoom call will be shared with attendees the day of the event.


6:30: Welcome and Introductions
6:45: Presentations - Note: each presentation will include a short Q&A
8:10: Raffle and Wrap-up

Featured Talks

This year’s WIAD theme is Curiosity. Curiosity means to be prepared to go on a journey of which you do not know the outcome. To challenge what you – and others – think you have known so far. To change perspective and perceive other points of view. Each of tonight’s speakers will touch on this theme.

Designing Curiosity artwork


Julie Guinn – Head of UX Research Strategy & Operations @ Dell Boomi

Julie Guinn headshot

Over the years Julie Guinn has had the opportunity to open many a dusty, forgotten database and rummage around, leading to to archeological and forensic expeditions into the hearts, minds, and exotic tech workarounds of software users. In this light hearted talk, Julie will showcase some of the oddities and amusements found in the deeper reaches of enterprise data stores and reflect on what we can learn from it if we let our curiosity lead us.

This talk is about the value of embracing curiosity about the unknown, what you can learn if you take the time to look around in places others have dismissed, and finding patterns in unstructured or unintentionally structured data sets.


Lyndon Cerejo – Senior Manager, User Experience @ Capgemini 

Lyndon headshot

TED Talks, ResearchGate, Alexa, and Buzzfeed cater to different types of curiosity. In this talk, Lyndon Cerejo will map Daniel Berlyne’s model of curiosity to sites and apps that address people’s curiosity: be it the desire to explore, learn, find a specific answer, or be stimulated. He presents examples of curiosity being aroused and fed through design of sites, apps, and communication.


Megan Moser – UX Strategist @ City of Philadelphia 

Megan headshot

What do the design process and leadership development have in common? A lot, as it turns out. After nearly a decade of working in leadership development, Megan Moser recently transitioned to a career in UX. Along the way, she became increasingly curious about the many parallels between UX and leadership. In this talk, she will explore the overlap between the two and how as designers, we can harness our experiences to improve our skills, abilities, and confidence as leaders. 

This talk will help the audience understand how you too might harness your curiosity and skills as a designer to tackle your own leadership development. 


Mike Gadsby – Chief Innovation Officer @ O3 World

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."
—David Bowie

Mike headshot

Curiosity over time can be a challenge. As we age, responsibility can take priority over exploration. And yet, as stewards of "great experiences" our ability to learn and grow is crucial to our success, especially this past year. As a creative professional, Mike Gadsby has always admired artists like David Bowie. His career was marked by his ability to constantly reinvent himself. He never stuck to a single genre or style. In fact, there are times when he shifted his focus entirely into new platforms (did you know he was a Web designer?). In this talk, Mike will explore several eras and themes of Bowie's life as his influences, creativity and curiosity transformed over time and relate that his own professional experiences over the past few years.


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Event date
Wed, 24 February 2021