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New Delhi 2019




The New Delhi team will host our city’s 2nd World IA Day celebrations. We invite everyone working in the field of information architecture, content strategy, communication, design, and UX to join us on 23rd February 2019 from 2pm-5pm.

WIAD 19's theme is “Design for Difference”. We encourage designers and information architects to participate in our celebration. 

We look forward to seeing you at our celebration!

Please register for participating. We will get back to you with details. 

Event date
Fri, 22 February 2019

Venue, parking and transit

Venue: 91springboard Nehru Place
3rd Floor, Chandra Bhawan
Building No. 67-68, Nehru Place
New Delhi – 110019 
Phone: 011-395-95578


Paid parking slots are available near the venue. 


- Nehru Place Metro Station (Violet Line)
- Nehru Enclave Metro Station (Magenta Line) 



Event Timing: 2:00pm - 5:00pm.

A Walk In The Park | Assimilating Experiences Into Tangible Outputs

By Nishita Gill 

Framing the right context is key to a great product. All of us know that. Context is typically set with landscape research - a term, true to its name, is vast and explorative. How can we ensure that we don’t chase rabbit holes in explorative research? How do we set the relevant breath of landscape that can help set the context for creativity. In this talk we’ll look into the world of generative landscape research - how biases need to be tactfully dispelled and leveraged to gather data, the use of simple frameworks to consolidate the research, and eventually, a strong framework that helps understand, reflect and build connections towards a strong solution.

Encouraging Civic Engagement Through Information Architecture

By Adrija Jayanthy

In any country, infrastructure is required to create a culture where citizens are aware of their legal rights and are empowered to assert them in the right manner. To further meaningful citizen engagement people need to feel that they can know and understand laws with a sense of ease.

Nyaaya is an attempt to contribute to improve citizen engagement with the law through a digital platform. The speaker, a content manager at Nyaaya, will talk about how Nyaaya tries to break down complex and scattered legal information and present it in a holistic and easy to consume manner to enable citizens to act on their legal problems. The speaker would be analysing the choices and challenges of framing vast and dynamic legal information through concerns of lack of citizen-centric drafted laws, low literacy rates, diversity in language and internet accessibility issues through a website platform.

IA And The City Around You

By Rajesh Advani

Do people with diverse social/cultural backgrounds, or with different past experiences understand or process the same information differently?

The presentation deals with Information Architecture w.r.t cities and built spaces - where the same set of information is being accessed and used by a diverse set of users.

The planning of cities is supposed to be people-centric. A city where we primarily live and work is much more than just buildings. Every city holds a structured system of massive information, like buildings of varying scales for diverse uses, transportation, parks and gardens, sanitation, communication systems and so on.

Cities must be inclusive by way of planning and should consider people from all classes and backgrounds.

Having said that most cities have started looking the same -The configuration of glass and aluminum boxes. This could be due to globalization or say westernization?

For new users, way-finding is one of the primary activities that they indulge in when using the city. Asking for directions, looking for some or other building/service or even trying to understand the local food or clothing habits.

To understand the I.A. we will look into a few examples of cities from India.

The presentation further narrows down to understand the IA in public buildings, like Schools or Malls, to understand how the information is being supplied, and how it is being accessed and used by a diverse set of people - people of varying age, gender, socio-cultural background, and past experience.

An Introduction to Information Architecture

By Namita Mohandas

We all make tons of decisions daily. Whether we realise it or not, most decisions involve some juggling of information. Well designed products or services are the ones that do the juggling for us and provide us with a framework to help understand or make complex decisions. As an introduction to the day’s talks we take a quick look at what information architecture is, understand some of the jargon and open our eyes to the fact that IA is all around us.