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Rajesh Advani, by training, is an architect and an urban designer. He founded ArchitectureLive! in 2011 with a mission to make architectural information easily accessible to people, especially end users, and to provide an equal opportunity to all architects and interior designers to showcase their work and share their views and opinions about the profession and education.

Through ArchitectureLive!, Rajesh has encouraged architects and academicians across the country to engage in constructive discussions around the issues closely related to the profession and education. Many discussions over the issues like, the state of the architectural profession in India, architectural competitions, architectural internships, role of women architects, challenges with starting, running and managing an architectural practice in India and reinventing architectural education, have successfully gathered the attention of many people across India.

He was recognised and awarded for his work by A3 Foundation, in the year 2013. 

Rajesh has also been actively engaged in design academics as visiting faculty and has conducted several workshops for students and teachers of design.

His personal interests lie around urban issues like ‘Walkability’ and ‘Livability’, which were also his research topics during the masters course. He plans to further his research around these two topics soon and hopes that every city soon becomes not only livable, but also lovable.