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Listen to real-life challenges and advice for organizing and architecting information in the Philippines - whether it's the userflow of an e-commerce platform or qualitative data for a social welfare project.

Event date
Starts on
2016-02-20 UTC 9:00 pm
Ends on
2016-02-21 UTC 3:00 am

Venue, parking and transit

A SPACE Philippines is helping us bring World IA Day to Manila.

Beyond being the leading coworking space, A SPACE is also home to many local and global events for the creative community.


Image from Google Maps - Walking route to A Space, from the Ayala MRT

Manila's IA Day venue, the _GALLERY at A SPACE Makati is across Greenbelt 5, on Legazpi Street.

Coming from the Ayala MRT Station, you can get to A SPACE by walking along Palm Drive (the road behind Glorietta). Turn right at Makati Avenue, and walk to the Greenbelt overpass (or cross the road to the Ayala Museum).

Legazpi St. is the street behind the Ayala Museum block (on the other side of Greenbelt 5, as you can see in the Google Map route attached below. Link to Google Maps in the photo).


Bringing a car?

If you're part of the car-driving population, A SPACE Philippines is right across the Greenbelt 5 drop-off point, which is next to the Greenbelt 1 parking entrance.


Recognizing Useful Design in the Philippines


We invited local practitioners from different fields (Design, Data, Development and Content) to share how they work on their widely-used projects.

We often read about experts abroad who apply IA and UX in their work, but it would also be uniquely helpful to see how these processes are applied locally, and to talk to the Filipinos who are making their own progress (or facing their own challenges) in trying to improve the services and products that we use.

  • 1:00 PM: Registration and assignment of break-out teams
  • 2:00 PM: Introductions and Challenge Briefing (Scope, Context and Use Cases)
  • 2:45 PM: Q&A for Clarifications
  • 3:00 PM: Design Jam Part 1 - Creating the Information Structure - How do we best organize the data points to make it usable and useful? 
  • 3:40 PM: Coffee Break 
  • 4:00 PM: Design Jam Part 2 - Visualizing the Flow of Information - How can we best design the information to make it as effective and easy to use as possible?
  • 5:00 PM: Start of Team Presentations with Q&A
  • 6:30 PM: Wrap-up and Closing Remarks 

World IA Day Manila is for a community who wants to learn from each other; from how different fields manage the streams of information they encounter day-to-day, so please bring an open mind and a healthy willingness to share what you know, too. 

The Philippines is full of technical talent, and World IA Day Manila is a venue where we can discuss how to put that talent to good use.  

  • Design Program, SMART Communications
  • User Experience Design Manager, OLX and CO-FOUNDER UX Philippines
  • Urban Planner and Geographer, United Nations Human Settlements Program
  • Data Science Blogger at Jumbo Dumbo Thoughts and City Operations Head, Uber

  • Integrated Government Philippines Project Team Lead, DOST - ASTI
  • Social Command and Mobile Services Director, MRM-McCann and MMDA App Creator
  • Writer, Director, Producer and Vice President for New Media - ABS-CBN Film Productions, ABC-CBN
  • Rizal Library Director and Professor, Ateneo De Manila University

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