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Des Moines 2023

Iowa United States


North America

Join us at the Forge for World IA Day, March 4th!

The team at Experiencing UX is now bringing back World IA Day right here in Des Moines! This global event brings together information architects, designers, researchers, and other professionals to share their knowledge, experience, and insights about information architecture and user experience. This will be our first in-person event since 2020, held at The Forge in downtown Des Moines.

We invite you to join us at the Forge at 9:30 AM on Saturday, March 4th.

We are finalizing an amazing line up of speakers for the event with a Keynote by Scott Kubie. We have a mix of in-person and remote presenters.

Lunch will be provided.

Connect and network with other UX and IA professionals here in Des Moines and the Midwest. The event is open to anyone who is interested in IA, UX, Product or Technology. We look forward to seeing you there!


Will food be provided?

Yes, pizza and beverages will be provided free of charge to attendees.

Does it cost anything to attend?

No, the event is free.

Do I have to be a UX practitioner to attend?

No, anyone from the public interested in information architecture or design is welcomed to attend.

Where can I park?

Metered parking is available on Locust Street, as well as several parking garages nearby. Download the ParkDSM app on either your android or Iphone device to pay.

Is there public transportation?

Des Moines offers the Dart Bus to get around downtown DSM and the surrounding area.

Is the event wheel chair accessible?

Yes, although we will be located on the 2nd floor, there is a ramp on the west side of the building and an elevator to those who need it.

Is this event online?

This event is only in person although we will have a mix of in person speakers and remote speakers.

Will I be required to wear a mask or be vaccinated?

No, masks and vaccine status is optional.

How can I get involved or volunteer?

If you would like, email us at


How can I join Experiencing UX?

Experiencing UX Meetup: Join our MeetUp

Slack: Join our Slack channel

Twitter: @experiencingUX

LinkedIn: experiencing UX Group

Facebook: Experiencing UX

Event date
Sat, 4 March 2023

Venue, parking and transit


Forge by Accenture 1420 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309




Socializing  Start at 9:30

Welcome and Intro 10 min

Sarah Price (The Way of Cards) 30 min

 Coffee break 15 min

Quentin Dietrich (Context for Everything) 30 min

Raffle Giveaway 15 min

Jeremy Burton (You are here: Why your design artifacts and team spaces need wayfinding too - Jeremy Burton) 30 min

LUNCH - 12:15 - 1:15 pm

Crystal Olig (How to Build Executive Support for Your Projects & Teams) 30 min

 ️Coffee Break 15 min

Laura Formanek (Finding the Way to Sharing Your “Why”: Growing Your Video Infrastructure) 30 min

Coffee Break 15 min

Kristin Wesner & Raquel Sweet (Holistic Measurement of Customer Value) 30 mins

Raffle Giveaway 15 min

Scott Kubie - keynote (The Cause of Clarity) 45 mins

Wrap up and thank you  


The Way of Cards - Sarah Price

Have you ever gotten lost on a website and thought maybe there's a better way to organize it? Or maybe you think tomatoes are a fruit but everyone else says they're vegetables? On this particular journey, we'll discover a method for discovering your user's mental models so that you can better organize your navigation and content. You'll learn what exactly is card sorting, all the different variations of it, and how to analyze your results so that you can get to the bottom of the tomato debate.

Context of Everything - Quentin Dietrich

The reality about IA and UX work is that you never actually start from zero. You always begin at some point, in some place, with some thing. In this talk, you’ll learn a flexible framework to help you examine levels of context for a multi dimensional view of projects.

You are here: Why your design artifacts and team spaces need wayfinding too - Jeremy Burton

Opportunities to change a product’s IA are full of promise and peril. Aspirations to make things clear and coherent quickly meet a messy behind-the-scenes reality: No one owns the IA, and everybody is a stakeholder. Though we talk about “the IA” as a whole, its parts are all in the hands of different teams responsible for their own feature sets and product areas.The only way through this mess is to turn your IA lens inward. This talk will explore how orientation and wayfinding techniques were applied to design artifacts and team spaces for a major IA project at Mural, resulting in greater participation, more buy-in, and better outcomes.

Jeremy Burton is content design manager at Mural.

How to Build Executive Support for Your Projects & Teams - Crystal Olig


Crystal will give a presentation centering on growing your influence and support within an organization and senior leadership, in your role as an individual or leader. It will focus on using metrics and great storytelling to build advocacy and sponsorship based on proven business impact. This will cover topics like team expenses, headcount, budget allocations and exposure to broader business challenges.

Finding the Way to Sharing Your “Why”: Growing Your Video Infrastructure - Laura Formanek


Have you been thinking about delving into the world of video? In 2023, the use of video is continuing to grow as a medium for sharing information in an engaging and impactful way. But sometimes, getting started with video might feel overwhelming. Whether you’re in brainstorming mode or you're well on your way to being the next YouTube star, we’re breaking down process and best practices to help you along your path. How do you determine what to share when creating video? How will you store all that data and what systems can you use to keep it organized? We’ll be using both sides of our brains during this session to tackle conceptual and practical considerations, as well as resources and tips, for building a video infrastructure into your organization’s tool belt to reach your users.

Holistic Measurement of Customer Value - Kristin Wesner & Raquel Sweet

Join us on our journey to better understand users’ experience with a symbiosis of quantitative value feedback, qualitative color, and engagement analytics. Inspired by Google’s HEART model, we’ll share how we’re marrying jobs to be done, task success, and longitudinal satisfaction metrics to create our user segmentation and persona strategies.

The Cause of Clarity - Scott Kubie

If design had a pantheon, Clarity would be one of its gods. Oh, Clarity! We name conferences after you, enshrine you in our design principles and voice frameworks, admonish fellow designers for forgetting about you. A thousand odes on Medium have been penned in your honor. But who are you, really? How did you come to be? Are you just the cosmic opposite of your supposed foe, complexity? (Spoiler: no.) And most importantly…how might your boons be summoned when we need them? Join Scott Kubie, content strategy’s King of Swords (it’s a whole thing, you’ll have to ask), as he shares his theory on the true Cause of Clarity, why it’s probably not what you think, and how to benefit from it more reliably in your design and IA work.