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February 22, 2020

61 Cities, 26 Countries, 5 Continents

The IA Element - Past Present Future

Past, Present and Future

Each part counts for its own purpose. But all elements must work together. The meaning behind it is the IA element.

The World IA Day was created to celebrate Information Architecture (IA) and to empower local leaders keep growing and sharing within their communities.

In 2020, more than anything, we want to reinforce this celebration – highlighting how IA is Elemental (or integral) to having the best results.

How IA ties and binds different ideas involved, the end users, the stakeholders, the designers and the developers. How IA is often the bridge element between them all and tying together through understanding. How IA filters the noise for a better collaboration for a growing community.

IA is essential, IA is key, IA is Elemental.

The IA Element.

The IA element is the one that ties past, present and future.
Excellence in Design. Excellence in Thinking. Excellence in Usability.

More Unique Than Ever

With the dissolution of the Institute of Information Architecture (IAI) in 2019, the main institution behind WIAD, we will be carrying the torch from now on.

More than ever, our goal is clearer with the words of the IAI: to get the word out about this important practice, so more people have the words for this work and can therefore better educate themselves and others on it.

IA is elemental. We want to go back to the basics, to the simplicity and rebirth stronger. Surprises are the rule – this is Practical IA, the balance between rigid, flexible and strong ideas.

A Celebration of Information Architecture

In this year of celebration we will showcase where we have come from, how IA has made a difference in our lives and way of accessing knowledge. We will show where we are pushing the boundaries of today, and we will bring the spotlight to the future of this ever important discipline.

In our celebrations we seek to show:

  • How it is essential to have the skills and learn the skills,
  • To showcase the past and present of how IA has made a difference, a forum for:
    • case studies,
    • showcasing methodologies,
    • other successes in the field… how it has progressed over the years and where it is going.
  • How can we channel our thoughts to focus and refocus on what’s fundamental for IA.

The number of newcomers who attend WIADs around the world is increasing, and people get fascinated about the community aspect inside the IA network. How strong is IA in your community? How can we make inroads to bring others to the field early on? The have not only aspiring Doctors and Lawyers, but those wanting to be be future Information Architects!

Information Architecture is essential. Information Architecture is elemental.

The IA Element…

…will be discovered in

61 Cities, 26 Countries, 5 Continents, on 1 IA World.

Global Team

photo of Andrew Jung

Director, Community & Events
Co-Global Executive Producer for World IA Day 2021

Andrew is passionate about creating fertile grounds for learning and sharing. He has been a member of the IAI since 2005, and served as an IAI online community development member since 2017. He’s volunteered at World IA Day in Vancouver, Canada, and founded Victoria’s WIAD in 2019, and Global Executive Producer World IA Day 2020.

Photo of Vanessa Myho Makiyama

Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations Director for World IA Day 2020

Vanessa Myho is passionate about digital and interactive narratives, making her decision to come to one of the main digital content production city in the world. As an interactive designer, she wants to use UCD methodologies to understand the audience and improve the way we share stories. She was a speaker for the first WIAD Victoria in 2019.

Photo of Amy Espinosa


Driven by her passion to learn, share and grow the practice of information architecture in her community, Amy brought World IA Day to Tampa Bay in 2015. She is the Global Executive Producer for World IA Day 2017 and is honored to serve teams around the world who bring this celebration to their community. In her professional life, Amy founded Dots & Cubes, a Tampa-based consulting firm specializing in information architecture and user experience design.

Grace Lau

Co-president, 2020

Grace is an information architect with a focus on user research, product design, content strategy, and taxonomy. She has been a volunteer with WIAD Los Angeles since 2016 as a core team volunteer, a local organizer, sponsorship director. She also volunteers in the IA community as a co-chair of IAC21 (the IA conference) and organizes local meetups in Los Angeles area. She’s been a part of the global team since 2018. Grace lives in Greater Los Angeles with her husband, son, and cat.