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Terence Fenn

Senior lecturer, University of Johannesburg
Local Organizer
Terence Fenn

Terence lectures interaction design, information design and design research in FADA’ s Department of Multimedia. Much of his current research focus is on the role of information architecture in the resolution of open, complex problems in both design practice and design education. Terence and his research partner Jason Hobbs have presented their work at a number of academic and practitioner-based conferences in Europe, Africa and the United States. Terence’s involvement in the C.O.P is based on his belief that design can be instrumental in transforming society and the human habitat into a preferred state that is equitable, sustainable and meaningful. Originally a Fine Art student, Terence received Master of Art and Design Education from the University of New South Wales in 2002. He is currently pursuing a second masters in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. He has lectured in the Department of Multimedia since 2003. During this time he has facilitated numerous interdisciplinary student projects involving interactive, industrial and graphic design students in a range user-centred design projects. Particular projects that fit under the auspices of DSD include design-thinking projects focusing on innovative design interventions for government schools in Gauteng, improving public transport uptake in Johannesburg and improving the relevancy of and visitation to the Johannesburg Art Gallery.