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Silvia Calvet

Creative Strategist, ON Good
Local Organizer

We tell our kids, friends and colleagues that it's more important to be happy than anything else. Why we forget that when we are in the business arena? I believe that HAPPINESS is a key approach to think about business, products and services. It’s about: How your company makes your CUSTOMERS happy so new customers become repeat customers, so you customers don't want to try others or think about switching to your competitors. Or how your organization makes your STAFF and PARTNERS feel engaged and creative, so teams and departments work in a productive and collaborative way. How your company defines common goals to be achieved by everyone. I love to help companies and teams to look to their work and processes through the happiness lenses to innovate. I’m a positive creative strategist that works lean and agile. As a creative I use the design thinking approach to put people first, to understand problems and to identify needs and constraints. As an strategist I understand that business is about results, is about productivity, but it’s also about leadership and vision. The last 15 years I had the opportunity to work for all kind of companies and organizations not only to design digital solutions and services, but also to transform the way people learn, share and work to be more productive and easily achieve business goals.