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Renn Scott

Product Design Innovation and Strategy, Myant Inc
Headshot of Renn; short blonde hair in an open, green field

Renn Scott is a design leader, prolific inventor and entrepreneur with a passion for creating innovative user experiences and forward-thinking product designs. With over 20 years of experience at companies such as Myant, IBM and BlackBerry in leadership roles within user experience, design research, consumer insights and strategic innovation She has helped design best in class products and experiences. Her design thinking hands-on approach and point of view as a designer is radically different than most. For any project she always starts with 'WHY create' in the first place and use a co-creative design methodology and best practices based on insights she has gained from creating with end consumers and industry experts during the design process.

Join Renn at the WIAD Toronto Design Jam kick-off event, at 4pm, Feb. 26.