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Nick Sweers

Senior Manager, Expedia

Nick Sweers currently manages a team of content specialists for Expedia's B2B support organization, Global Supply Operations. Nick has been with Expedia for just over 2 years, having rolled out an internal knowledge base, a customer-facing knowledge base, an email template program, and a support process communications program. The focus of Nick's team is simple: help customers find the right information at the right time. His relentless focus on both content discoverability and content quality has been instrumental in helping drive forward an improved customer service experience for Expedia's hotel partners worldwide.

Prior to Expedia, Nick spent just over 3 years at Amazon, where he managed an Information Architecture team in Amazon's Customer Service organization. Before Amazon, Nick got his first taste of IA working in the eCommerce division at REI, where he led a project to roll out product refinements across the entire website. While Nick has not focused exclusively on IA in his current role at Expedia, his background in the discipline has been instrumental in ensuring all his content deliverables are built upon a solid foundation of IA.