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Lynn Boyden

Information Architect and Adjunct Lecturer, University of Southern California and UCLA
Lynn Boyden

Lynn Boyden earned the MLIS at the UCLA library school in 1997 and started her first job as an information architect the day that the web bubble burst in 2000. Later she worked with the Symantec web team, where she owned the user experience of search and pioneered the use of search analytics to improve findability of key content.  After a brief stint at Yahoo! in Santa Monica, she ran the Los Angeles office of FatDUX, numbering among her clients UCLA, the Los Angeles County Museum, the University of Illinois, and KBHome.  She is now Information Architect at the University of Southern California.

She regularly teaches user experience design in the MLIS program in Information Studies at UCLA. Since 2004 she has been an instigator of the IA Slam team, and as a result can now hold forth on such valuable topics as refrigeration technology, retail marketing and service, business entertainment destinations, time travel, tweeting from the afterlife, and 18th century piracy in the Spanish Main.