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Kamini Naidoo

Design lead: CX and UX, Freethinking Business Consultants
Kamini Naidoo

I am currently appointed @ Freethinking as a Snr business consultant – Design lead: CX and UX. Started my career in the banking arena both nationally and internationally. I have served on their platforms as a CX Practioner, Snr manager CX, CX Lead, Snr Product / channel manager - Digital, Snr Product owner – Digital, Snr Systems implementation manager (branch and digital) and a change agent for front line staff.  

I am an innovator who obsesses over how customers connect with brands. I find purpose and meaning in design, customer experience, user experience. I believe the more engaging a customer and user experiences are the more it allows for creation, innovation and value between the engagements of a brand and customers.

Everything that I do needs to be purposeful, adding value and staying away from things that do not serve me.

My drive and passion is to make a difference, to combine what I have learnt over the years to impart value to my client's by helping them grow their businesses by showcasing how to not only solve problems but how to enable their customers through different channels such as digital solutions with seamless experiences.

I see myself as a problem solver, listening and understanding a client, helping them to prioristise their needs, showcasing the value of design, and guiding them in solving for their customer's needs. 

With my background, my experience, my skills and my qualifications I believe my commitment with continuous improvement is to guide businesses and humans to find their purpose.


A few of my highlights is I currently sit on the interium board of CXI, I guide and assist individuals through coaching and mentoring, I have been nominated women of Influence 2017, I have been interviewed through magazines such as IT web and brain storm, I write articles in my spare time.