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Jod Kaftan has more than 15 years of extensive experience in interactive media at both agencies and start-ups. With a strong conviction that well-designed experiences have the user in mind at their core, Jod has always pushed forward strategically-tuned experiences that strike a balance between aspiration and pragmatism. Starting his career as Content Strategist and Journalist has given Jod a sound foundation for compelling storytelling and research in the high-velocity landscape of digital media. His extensive agency experience as a UX practitioner and strategist at shops such as Razorfish and Schematic has exposed him to a large spectrum of business models and design problems, from CPG and Entertainment to Non-Profits and Foundations.  As an executive, Jod led the experience & strategy group at A Hundred Years, and has just joined Fjord as Group Design Director. Currently, Jod teaches Experience Design at both UCLA and General Assembly and lives in Mar Vista, California with his wife and son.