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Jason Hobbs

Director of Human Experience Design, Human Experience Design
Local Organizer

Jason is director of Human Experience Design and Firma. He lectures part-time at the University of Johannesburg and conducts his academic research through the same institution. Mostly recently he was elected to serve on the board of the IA Institute as Director of Education.

Jason has been practising a combination of information architecture, UX, service design and design thinking since 1997. He worked for digital agencies in Cape Town and London before starting his own company, Human Experience Design, in Johannesburg in 2005. He’s also gained experience working client-side, in start-ups and R & D units. He has been lecturing part-time at the University of Johannesburg for the past six years, teaching a UX design module and service design to third and fourth-year students. He conducts his academic research and publishes scholarly papers through the same institution. Jason has presented extensively at international and local conferences, conducts workshops and training and has been building the UX community of practice in South Africa since 2005 through the formation of the SA UX Forum and associated meet-ups and events.