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Jane Motz Hayes

Jane leads her team to bring high business value to world-class digital experiences. At ICF Next, Jane’s passion for design leadership is combined with an interest in the nexus of technology with storytelling. With 20 years of experience in product design, digital content strategy, user experience, and information architecture Jane has created products for multiple industries and has produced award-winning content for leading brands in the finance, media, automotive, fitness, and healthcare sector. 


Jane holds a Master's Degree from the University of Toronto where she is also a sessional lecturer at the iSchool. As a big/small screen content producer, Jane is a member of both Toronto’s design and film/tv production communities, advocating for diverse and inclusive leadership and representation in the creative and tech industry. (she/her)

Join Jane at the WIAD Toronto Panel Discussion at 1:05pm EST, Feb. 27, 2021.