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Harry Budi Santoso

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Harry B. Santoso received a BS and MS from Universitas Indonesia (UI) in Computer Science and PhD from Utah State University in Engineering Education. Currently he is teaching human-computer interaction and computer-assisted instruction. He has been an administrator of e-Learning system for several years in his department and university. Harry is a head of Digital Library and Distance Learning lab at Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia. He is also a member of E-School for Indonesia (Esfindo) research group that has main objective to promote wide access Internet-based e-Infrastructure for K-12 education. His research interest includes learning personalization, cognition and metacognition in learning, multimedia content, e-Learning standardization, and distance learning. 

Specialties: Performance-based curriculum development, Cognition research in engineering design, Distance Learning, Quantitative Method, Qualitative Method, Mixed-methods research approach, Evaluation, Internationalizing institutions of higher education.