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Felesia McDonald

User Experience Designer, OEConnection
Felesia McDonald

Felesia McDonald has worked a User Experience Designer for OEConnection for 4 years. She was previously employed at the Plain Dealer for 22 years. In her last role was as an Interactive graphic artist she had to determine the best digital element to accompany news articles. Those included building stand-alone websites, videos and animating graphics. Felesia discovered her passion for UX Design studying web design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. “I learned that there are a lot of crappy websites. I wanted to understand what goes into building good websites.” That lead her to pursue a MS degree in UX Design from Kent State where she is now and adjunct instructor and UX workshop facilitator. “My passion is in User research. My definition of UX Design is “understanding a user’s interaction throughout a product life cycle.” Without that understanding you will never know how to build a successful product.

As a speaker

  • Techniques and Methods
  • Information Architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Product Design