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Image of Domonique Meeks

Domonique is the co-owner of Ambassador Stories, a small business focused on sharing stories through film and podcasts specializing in nonwhite entrepreneurship, education, and art. Domonique holds a Master's of Science Information Management from the University of Washington. Much of his work revolves around storytelling, education, digital access, and democratizing media through Information Architecture. Domonique volunteers his time as the program director for the Rising Leaders mentorship program at Aki Kurose middle school in South Seattle and is a past winner and organizer for Startup Weekend Education Seattle.

Keynote Address: Soul of Seattle 2

As the Seattle technology ecosystem continues to grow, the impacts of this growth on many nonwhite women and their communities are being ignored. Soul of Seattle 2 a short film and keynote focus on using storytelling and information architecture to explore the question, how can we identify a way forward that supports nonwhite women and marginalized small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and artists?