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Chrisna Jooste

UX Design Lead, Liberty's dHub

Chrisna is the UX Design Lead at Liberty’s dHub. She has been actively involved in the field of UX for the past six years and has been working in information systems domain for since 2005. She holds a Masters in Science (Information Systems) and has also published Usability guidelines for Business Intelligence applications.

She currently leads the design of six agile squads in Liberty, her primary goal is to drive a consistent end-to-end user experience design process and validated experience output in dHub, including discovery, ideation, conception, detailed design, prototyping and validation across multiple products and areas. She works across multiple cross-functional product teams, influencing the creation of elegant, functional user experiences that facilitate the enablement of business impact (e.g., customer, employee, advisor engagement and productivity). She is also the organiser and host of the Think Design Meetup at Liberty.

She is passionate about interaction design and believes that technology should be a pleasure to interact with, enriching people’s everyday lives and value-adding to our businesses. She appreciates thoughtful design – her aim is to get things from fictional to functional, usable an enjoyable!