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Candice Yono

User Experience Lead

A graduate from the School of Information and School of Education, Candice is a user experience professional interested in how technology can improve student learning and educational outcomes. When not exploring educational technology topics, Candice is busy sampling lots of cheeses from across the globe; she's a cheese aficionado in the making. Other interests include all things French, travel, food blogging, and Lord of the Rings. As a student intern, Candice worked at Seelio during summer and fall 2014. Besides enjoying the awesome design and research projects on which she worked, she loved the office culture. Everyone on the team was welcoming, friendly, and hilarious. From Waffle Wednesdays to Walkies, the Seelio team definitely had a unique vibe. Going to work wasn't a dull chore, it was more like working on an exciting project with friends. Understanding how to build a unique dynamic everywhere is a pretty important skill.