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San Antonio 2016

Texas United States

Information Architecture — IA — is the art and science of organizing information so that others can immediately make sense of it.

People who create websites, mobile interfaces and apps, emails, online content, printed content, libraries, stores, or user/customer experiences of any kind, use information architecture tools to ensure success.

World IA Day 2016 San Antonio is an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and get hands-on practice with:

  • Site maps

  • Navigation design

  • Usability studies

  • Card sorts

  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes

and more!

What Is World IA Day?

San Antonio’s tech community is participating in the one-day, annual worldwide celebration focused on the practice of Information Architecture.

This event brings together a diverse community including information architects, user experience designers, developers, content strategists, product managers, scholars, and students. Join the conversation to learn about and shape the future of Information Architecture.

Event date
Starts on
2016-02-20 UTC 6:00 pm
Ends on
2016-02-20 UTC 9:00 pm

Venue, parking and transit

Geekdom Event Centre

131 Soledad Street

San Antonio, TX 78205


10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Check-in and networking (light beverages and breakfast)

Session 1: Participant Roundtable & introductions

Session 2: Information Architecture, Wireframing, Design and Prototype Tools and Deliverables Show & Tell (bring examples to share!)

Session 3: Usability Activities