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Pittsburgh 2017

Pennsylvania United States


North America

Calling all information architects, UX professionals, web designers, product managers, data geeks, content wranglers, polar bear enthusiasts, and taxonomists (accidental or otherwise)!

On Saturday Feb. 18, 2017, the 2nd annual World IA Day Pittsburgh will join the international community in celebrating the practice and education of one of today’s most vital disciplines — information architecture.

Registration will open Monday, Dec. 19. Sign up for email updates, and be the first to receive WIAD17 Pittsburgh news.

Event date
Fri, 17 February 2017


IA CHALLENGE: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

What to expect: The heart of our program! Collaborate to solve cross-channel IA problems during a team workshop designed to push, illuminate, and educate. This will be hands-on, thinking and creating beyond screens and sitemaps. Open and valuable to all levels of experience, from newcomers to experts.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Practice information architecture skills and approaches drawn from topics such as IA strategy, language, structure, maps, connections, and the meaning of information.
  • Identify and solve problems like an IA, and confront how this way of seeing may be unique from UX or design in general.
  • Expand the way you think about information architecture.
  • Learn from teammates and facilitators, meet and work with other people interested in IA and practicing it professionally.



What to expect: Connect and socialize as only a bunch of information architects could. Networking meets card sorting.



What to expect: For five weeks leading up to World IA Day, we’ll share curated excerpts from the IA canon (with a twist or two of our own). You’ll then be invited to participate in online discussion groups that we’ll host on Slack. Lessons and techniques from the excerpts will be revisited in the IA Challenge Workshop.

Why a book club: Because our busy lives usually make it hard to fit in learning. Because it’s worth expanding our IA literacy. Because there’s a whole world to discover beyond “The Polar Bear Book.” And because what’s better than talking shop with all your nerd friends?!

More details: Starting the week of Jan. 15, each week of IA Book Club will include 30-45 minutes of reading material, drawn from the works of Abby Covert, Peter Morville, Andrew Hinton, Robert Glushko, and others. Discussions will be either Tuesday or Thursday evenings, TBD based on group availability. Have to miss a week? No worries! See our FAQs on our Eventbrite page.