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Phoenix 2021

Arizona United States


North America

World Information Architecture Day (Eve!) Phoenix 2021

Our Phoenix event celebrating WIAD Eve (2/26) is a casual one. It's for those who may have heard of the IA world and are not quite sure if or where they fit within it. It's also for the accidental IAs who came in through the side door of communications, learning and development, intranet design, UX, graphic design, and a multitude of other avenues where we are trying to make things understandable and useful.

Come have a chat about your interests and curiosity in a safe space for asking questions. We may not know all the answers, but Peter CharbonneauLarry Swanson, and I are looking forward to having a fun, thought-provoking conversation with lots of shared resources for learning more.

Event date
Sat, 27 February 2021

Venue, parking and transit

We will meet online at 6pm MST on Feb 26:



1. Curiosity and IA

2. The Accidental IA: Placeholding and Wayfinding

3. UX and IA: Differences and Similarities

4. IA Global: Resources Available to All

5. What should WIAD Global and WIAD Phoenix become in 2022?

Speakers and presenters