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New Hampshire 2023

United States


North America

Welcome to New Hampshire, the Granite State. 

The event has been moved remotely/online with livestreaming. The new schedule is below. 

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Passcode: 163773

NH Livestream | NH Homepage

If you would like to attend our celebration please register at or email us if you have questions.

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Remember to bookmark this page and check back often. We will be updating our content as we get closer to March 4th.

We look forward to seeing you!

Speakers in no particular order:

  • Global Keynote: Leah Ferguson: When we think of wayfinding in the built environment, our first thought is often signage. After all, a sign will tell us where we are, or direct us to where we want to go. While a sign is a physical object for orientation, it's not the only tool in our design toolkit to help create a sense of place, provide cognitive or behavioural cues, or create a sense of navigation. When we design our experiences and environments, there is much more happening below the surface when it comes to wayfinding. Leah will be presenting practical examples of environmental graphic design. She will explore why what we see on the surface is only a fraction of the information architecture and process that goes into developing positive environmental experiences. 
  • Keynote Speaker:  Margot Bloomstein - Appropriate, Inc. brand & content strategy consultant. 

    Designing for Trust

    In today’s economy, designers need a new strategy to earn trust and help consumers and citizens make confident decisions about where they are, where they’re going, and why. But undermining confidence is cynicism: it erodes trust in the media, government, public institutions, and consumer brands. To regain trust, we talk about empathy, transparency, and authenticity. But how do we get beyond those buzzwords—and what is the responsibility and opportunity for designers and writers to lead the way? The secret is in how we use content to empower our audiences: when we give more control to users, they put more trust in us.

    Examining what works among teams of all stripes and sizes, Margot will share examples from retail, publishing, government, and other industries to detail what you can do to meet unprecedented problems in information consumption. Learn how voice, volume, and vulnerability can inform your work to regain trust and lead your audience from cynicism toward something far more productive: hope.

  • Heather Hedden - Knowledge Engineer at Semantic Web Company. Workshop: Custom Taxonomy Creation. Following a brief introductory presentation on taxonomies and how a taxonomy is similar and different from a navigation scheme, participants will have the opportunity to engage in small groups in various taxonomy building activities around a sample use case of a corporate knowledge base: brainstorming, interviewing, card sorting, content analysis, and search log analysis. Activities will be followed by facilitated discussion on the outcomes and issues.
  • Thomas Woodhouse - Senior UX / UI Designer-Developer at Pegasystems. Panel discussion: The importance of internal UX. 

  • Mary Shakshober - Senior UX Designer, Red Hat. Speaker: UX in K-12 Education: Using design to encourage STEAM opportunities.
    This talk will explore an education-passionate UX designer's experience with teaching introductory user experience workshops at public K-12 schools in the Boston and Greater Boston areas. Attendees will learn about the value to both the students and to the future of diversity in STEM when it comes to teaching UX at a young age. The focus of this talk is centered around student experiences with journey mapping, to get into the UX wayfinding mindset.  

  • Kevin Hatchoua - Senior UX Desinger, Red Hat. Sign Language in UX: Leveraging our sensory system to create experiences and improve digital interaction between people and their environment.

Please be aware that since this is an in-person event, attendees are expected to wear a mask at all times in the conference venue unless they are eating, drinking, or presenting on stage. Please note that this will also be dependent on CDC guidelines at the time. 

Event date
Sat, 4 March 2023

Venue, parking and transit

Southern New Hampshire University,
2500 N River Rd, Manchester, NH 03106

Online event.


Updated event schedule for remote/online event:



Global keynote (Leah)


New Hampshire keynote (Margot) 


Session 1 (Heather)




Session 2 (Kevin)


Session 3 (Tommy)


Optional global discussion / break


Session 4 (Mary)


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