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New Delhi 2020




The New Delhi team will host our city’s 3rd World IA Day celebrations. We invite everyone working in the field of information architecture, content strategy, communication, design, and UX to join us on 22nd February 2020.

WIAD 2020's theme is “The IA Element”. We encourage designers and information architects to participate in our celebration. Please register for participating.

If you’d like to share your experience or case study at World IA Day – New Delhi, please submit a proposal by 5pm on 12th February 2020.

Event date
Sat, 22 February 2020

Venue, parking and transit

The Circle – 5th Floor
Huda City Centre Metro Station

Directions: View on Google Maps


The event will take place from 10:30am to 3pm on Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2020.

Schedule below is tentative.


Registrations and Welcome


Introduction to World IA Day

Talk 1

Let’s Define IA

By Manish Saini

In this talk we will look at different definitions of information architecture by various pioneers and try to frame a holistic definition. We explore whats "information" and Art and Science of it with some examples of IA around us. We will touch upon some information seeking theories & techniques and how to design for them. Speaker's definition of Information Architecture and the road ahead. 

Talk 2

Decoding Crafts: Mapping Asia InCH Encyclopedia

By Richa Tiwari

There are many facets that go unnoticed behind the simple term that we all know as ‘crafts’. This talk will try to bring to light the lesser known tangents that together comprise the multitudinous terrain of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) across South Asia. From traditional arts, crafts, textiles and its practitioners, the museums that strive to preserve cultural heritage, organisations that aim to work towards its development, terms that make up its vocabulary to the gamut of research and scholarly endeavours, all housed within the largest leading online encyclopaedia known as Asia InCH, unravel the mapping of the journey of over 20 years towards contributing to ICH.

Talk 3

Humanising Digital Interactions

By Vikramaditya Sharma

Digital interfaces have started to mimic human interactions. What shape do these interventions take? How do computers interpret natural language inputs? How do interfaces transform to accommodate human mediation seamlessly? Through our presentation, we aim to explore the underlying design systems that enable humanised interfaces. 

Talk 4

Making Sense of Data in an Indian Newsroom

By Sriharsha Devulapalli

Data journalism in India is challenging. We at Mint take it a notch by doing it daily non-stop. Over the past year, we've done over 250 thoroughly researched data stories. In this talk, we take a look at the in house process of dealing with data on a daily basis. In a country like ours, where data isn't necessarily error-free or without biases, this talk takes a look at how we make sure we report the objective truth in a visually compelling way. 

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