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World IA Day 2019 Manila Philippines: Design for Difference. This 23 February 2019

Manila 2019

The Philippines



This 2019, we #DesignForDifference to understand and account for the diverse needs within communities. #WIAD2019 enumerates differences we are to design for such as in ability and disability, in access to information and technology, in language and cultural understanding, in age, gender, and identity, and in experience.

Learn, express, and connect with people as we welcome everyone in #WIAD2019 Manila! We look forward for you to be part of the conversation!

Event date
Sat, 23 February 2019

Venue, parking and transit

De La Salle University

Animo Labs Foundation Inc.

Manila, NCR 1004

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1:00 PM


1:30 PM to 1:40 PM

WIAD 2019 Manila Opening Remarks (Pierce Jonota)

1:40 PM to 1:50 PM

UXPH Community Updates (Jordan Deja)

1:50 PM to 2:30 PM

"Designing for People" (Bianca Bueno)

Design thinking is a valuable and underrated resource in addressing social problems. Where does design come in? Where people are in need and where government and organizations try to help, design is always present and working towards getting the help to the people who need them.

2:30 PM to 2:50 PM

Lightning Talk

Coming soon! Speaker to be revealed on 22 February evening!

2:50 PM to 3:30 PM

"Invisible Disabilities" (Carlo Oseo)

People with Disabilities (PWDs) experience challenges even inside the PWD community itself and how they get accepted -- especially those who do not have visible disabilities. Their struggles are beyond what we expect in contrast to their appearances, forcing themselves to act "normally" and trying to adhere to society's standards. Carlo will talk about such daily challenges and how we can help design better ways of accessing, navigating through, and structuring products and services.

3:30 PM to 3:35 PM

Break + Socials

3:35 PM to 5:35 PM

"A Different Experience using the Kano Model Survey" (Ely Apao)

The Kano model basically shows how a product and service can tie in the customers emotions to find out how to make delightful products. The workshop will discuss how to use the Kano model in a survey to help determine a website’s information architecture and design layout.

This is a hands-on workshop the looks at how to form content structure depending of different personas.

Local Partners and Sponsors

Speakers and presenters