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Event date
Event Status
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Sat, 2 March 2024

Venue, parking and transit

Art Center, Hillside Campus

Pasadena, CA


Doors open at 8:30

Welcome and Introduction 10:00


Jane Pyeon & Grace Lau

Changes in Language and Context


I'm Their First Designer! Now What?, presented by Samantha Vivonia

The product design field is expanding rapidly as more companies recognize the benefits of design thinking. As a result, many are open to hiring their first UX designer. But what's it like to be the pioneer of product design in a small company? How can you ensure success in an environment where little is pre-existing and known? Here are some useful tips from someone who has been in this situation multiple times over several years.




Lunch will be provided


Art Center Student Showcase


A Typology of Maps: Using Cartography to Communicate Site Structure, presented by Nicholas Bauch

Deciding to use a map on a web page is not the end of a content decision, rather, it is the beginning. Not all maps are created equally: there are questions of user cognitive load, internal return-on-investment, the medium of the map, and not least aesthetic styling. After you’ve decided that a map is necessary, how do you decide what type of map best solves the problem you’re trying to solve? Coming from the perspective of Esri’s Cartographic Experience Designer, this talk marries information architecture taxonomy—i.e. the logical/conceptual grouping of ideas—with cartographic design principles. Often overlooked in IA proper, the details of cartography can go a long way in tacitly amplifying one’s site structure for users.


Networking Activity


Closing Remarks

Local Partners and Sponsors