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Indianapolis 2019

Indiana United States


North America

Information architecture forms the structure of everything we do, from the websites we browse to the software we work with to the stores we visit on the way home.

WIAD Indy will explore IA in a tactile way. You’ll learn the latest trends that will grow your skill set and level up your work. But you’ll also gain a better understanding of how information architecture functions in and forms our world.

This Year's Theme: Design for Difference

As Information Architecture leaders, we are responsible for creating worlds of experiences, environments, services, and systems that affect millions of people – with lasting impacts. While we don’t have a Hippocratic Oath, it’s important for us to follow a similar goal to “do good” and “do not harm.”  

Whether you are an IA architect, designer, developer or analyst, it is our responsibility as IA leaders to consider the consequences and impact our architecture and design decisions have on humanity and society as a whole. Research is a foundational step in the design process. It ensures that we understand and account for diverse user needs within communities, both in our own domains and globally.

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Event date
Sat, 23 February 2019