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This content created as a result of our celebration is available to everyone and we invite conversation around the work we are doing.

The team is adding content in sprints, and other features will continue to roll out in phases, including more speaker bios and an expanded topic taxonomy—so keep checking back! Missing a talk?

This resource is brought to you thanks to the countless volunteer hours provided by the global World IA Day team, the IA Institute, and The Understanding Group.


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Konstantin Weiss , Oleg Lavrovsky
Abby Covert
Washington, D.C.
  • Techniques and Methods

When it comes to practicing information architecture there are many missteps that can keep us from making lasting change or realizing our intention.

Serena Rosenhan , Chris Farnum
Ann Arbor

Chris Farnum and Serena Rosenhan revisit their presentation from IAS2011 for World IA Day 2012 in Ann Arbor.

Claudio Vandi , Grandin Donovan

Claudio Vandi and Grandin Donovan provide a brief overview of trends and practices in digital reading spaces.

André Malaquias
São Paulo

In his presentation, André Malaquias will address the information architecture in large corporations, "emphasizing the role of the information architect