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This content created as a result of our celebration is available to everyone and we invite conversation around the work we are doing.

The team is adding content in sprints, and other features will continue to roll out in phases, including more speaker bios and an expanded topic taxonomy—so keep checking back! Missing a talk?

This resource is brought to you thanks to the countless volunteer hours provided by the global World IA Day team, the IA Institute, and The Understanding Group.


The WIAD archive is made possible by:

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135 Talks Found
Kristine Malden , Hana Schank
New York City
Sean Gonzales , Amy Cesal , Maureen Linke , Brian Price , Andrew Turner
Washington, D.C.
Jason Ulaszek , Jeff Leitner
Washington, D.C.
Makoto Okamoto , Masaya Mori , Yoshifumi Seki , Takashi Sakamoto
Atsushi Hasegawa , Takashi Iba
Izumi Oku , Nobuya Sato , Satoru Murakoshi , Atushi Hasegawa , Takashi Sakamoto