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UXD V. Analytics – What Have You Got for Me? No, What Have YOU Got for ME?

Presented by:

Chris Farnum, Farris Khan

Chris and Farris sit next to each other at ProQuest. However, their jobs are very different. Each one has something that the other wants... but they don't always know how to ask for it. 

Chris Farnum and Farris Khan will demonstrate the differences between their goals for the first part of this presentation. They will go back and forth on what are the right questions to ask and which issues are more important. In the second half of the presentation, they will seek to understand how to find common ground and understand each other better. They will illustrate how ProQuest is able to leverage BOTH enlightened design and deep data to continuously optimize their products. If you work on either side of this debate, we hope you will give you some insights to better state your case... and get along with the other side. 


February 2013