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Powering New Digital Experiences With Content Modeling

Presented by:

Rebecca Deery

Our clients are at the forefront of digital transformation, and our company leads the way in making those transformations possible. But who creates the strategy behind the content that we are all here to transform? Content strategists! In partnership with UX, Analytics, and of course our endlessly creative developers. It's not always easy to find a way to combine our expertise and make it all happen for our clients—especially when we are scattered across the globe. We will share how content modeling has become the intersection that enables us all to realize the future of content development. We'll share the ways that Content Modeling is transforming our practice by making seamless, new, data-driven, omni-channel experiences a reality. We will review/define Content Modeling terms, its purpose, and especially its inter-disciplinary demands. We'll present use cases showing how content modeling brings to life cutting-edge and sustainable, cross-channel digital experiences.


February 2016