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Letting go of Perfection: Developing IA agility

Presented by:

Serena Rosenhan, Chris Farnum

Chris Farnum and Serena Rosenhan revisit their presentation from IAS2011 for World IA Day 2012 in Ann Arbor. This presentation is about the challenges of making the mental shifts needed to apply IA thinking to agile development.

As information architects we are passionate about creating great user experiences and we want them to be perfect. In a traditional “waterfall” design and development model, we are able to completely design an experience before development becomes fully engaged. Many IAs are now or may soon be part of an Agile process where development must begin with less fully formed designs. This requires a different approach and mindset. Starting with an incomplete picture is difficult for us by nature, but in Agile we MUST do so while refusing to sacrifice quality and usability. In our presentation, we intend to share tips and strategies we have learned for building great user experiences in layers by delivering just enough, just in time.


June 2018