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Hello Seattle!

World IA Day Seattle is back. We have a great event ready for you where you'll get to listen to professionals in the Seattle area talk around this year's theme: Design for Difference.   Interested in participating by presenting a poster of completed or ongoing work? We're currently accepting posters submissions: Call for Posters. If you have work ready but don't have a poster yet, we'll print the posters for projects selected. There's really nothing to lose for applying and you can gain the admiration, feedback and opinions of colleagues in the Information Architecture field. 

Tickets go on sale February 7, 2019! Look at our Eventbrite page for details. 

If you would like to sponsor, please get in touch. Email us at with the subject line "WIAD 2019 Volunteer/Sponsor".

2019 Theme: Design for Difference

As designers, we are responsible for creating worlds of experiences, environments, services, and systems that impact millions of people – with lasting impacts. While we don’t have a Hippocratic Oath, it’s important for us to follow a similar goal to “do good” and “do not harm.” It is our responsibility as IAs to consider the consequences and impact our design decisions have on humanity and society as a whole.

Research is a foundational step in the design process. It ensures that we understand and account for diverse user needs within communities, both in our own domains and globally.

So, what differences are we are designing for?

  • Difference in ability and disability

  • Difference in access to information and technology

  • Difference in language and cultural understanding

  • Difference in age, gender, and identity

  • Difference in experience

There is no average user. There is no norm.

“Different is the new normal we should be designing for.”

  Inclusive design strategist Elise Roy at the 2018 IA Summit in Chicago.

How do we as information architects and designers design for this difference? What is this difference that we’re designing for? How can we better understand it and become more engaged and mindful for our different and diverse users? How might we communicate this understanding to others and provide more meaning and depth?

We build worlds. Let’s do it responsibly.

Venue, parking and transit

Amazon Oscar Building

sponsored by Browse @ Amazon (ASCS)

    1007 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101

    Room 2.300-301 (2nd Floor, entrance on Steward St)

    Public Transportation:

    6 minutes away from the Westlake Light Rail Station

    1 minute away from bus stops (63, 64, 70, 216, 218, 219, 252, 257, 268, 304, 308, 309, 311, 355, 402, 405, 410, 412)


    Paid parking in Amazon Oscar Building

    Free parking on Saturday (7am-2am), all walking distance, at the following Amazon buildings:

        Doppler - 2021 7th Ave

        Day 1 - 2121 7th Ave

        Obidos/Rufus - 550 Terry Ave N

        Ruby/Dawson - 345 Boren Ave N

        Fiona - 500 Boren Ave N

        Invictus - 410 Terry Ave N


12:30pm : Registration and Introduction

  1:00pm : Welcome

  1:10pm : Open for Difference: Making knowledge a public good by Ashley Farley

  1:55pm : Lighting Talks, Raffle, Break

  2:05pm : Panel Discussion with Torrie Thomas, Cadi Russell-Sauve, Andy Fitzgerald, Kiran Motwani, Maria Papaleo; Moderated by Chad Rieck

  3:05pm : Lighting Talks, Raffle, Break

  3:15pm : Information Architecture in Artificial Intelligence by Lassana Magassa

  4:00pm : Keynote: Soul of Seattle 2 by Domonique Meeks

  5:00pm : Lighting Talks, Raffle, Closing

  5:30pm : Poster Session and Happy Hour!

Call for Poster Submissions


We are organizing a poster session to be held during Seattle’s 2019 World Information Architecture day event. Are you doing something at work you would like to share with the IA community? Do you already have a poster based on your professional or academic work you created for another event that you’d like to share with students, practitioners, and academics in the Seattle area?

We invite you to submit your work!

Email submissions to

* Don't have a poster ready yet? Do you have a work in progress? Submit an idea or an overview of the content you plan to include on the poster. We'll take care of poster printing for those selected!

Selection Criteria

Information Architecture is a broad field. You may be practicing Information Architecture without knowing it. If you’re unsure your work fits into the field of Information Architecture or with events theme, submit it or contact us with questions.

An assortment of posters reflecting the varied information architecture practices in Seattle's Information Architecture community (academic, private sector, government, etc.) will be selected based on fit with the 2019 events theme: Design for Difference

Submissions Dates

Submission Deadline: January 25th, 2019

Acceptance Notification: February 1st, 2019

What to Submit?

Submit a brief summary of your work and a pdf/jpeg/png of your poster so we can print it if selected.

If you don't have a poster ready yet or have a work in progress, submit an idea or an overview of the content you plan to include on the poster. We'll take care of poster printing for those selected!